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"We Have Heard You"

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

The August 24th meeting of the Midtown Committee of the Whole began with a statement from Oakville's Commissioner of Community Planning who told Council and residents ... "I'd like to open this evenings meeting by saying that we have heard you; we have heard the public. We've stepped back and looked at a fresh, new way to develop an Official Plan Amendment for Midtown. We've considered the need to be interactive and engaging, the need to reach for engagement throughout the municipality, the need to ground truth directions before they are embedded in policy and the need to make every effort to complete the Committee's work by year end."

That opening statement was followed by a detailed presentation from the Town's consultant, Jacobs, which outlined a detailed process and public engagement framework that will see the consulting team undertake multiple steps. It will begin with an assessment of current conditions, vision and principles and be followed by the development of land block concepts through various concepts. Those scenarios will inform the a set of draft recommendations and a draft option. Additional work and review will fuel a final recommendation report and a draft final OPA.

Together, we have an opportunity to share our input with the consultants regarding what is important in designing great liveable Midtown. To that end, we need your participation at the upcoming Oct/Nov/Dec  public meetings and as you can, at our Midtown Committee meetings.

We have renewed optimism that we are on the right path and with your continued support we can get Midtown right!

To understand the current population and jobs projections, please view the August 15 Council meeting. The Joint Planning Estimates provided are not just for Midtown, but across Oakville. The consultants will be discussing the population targets in terms of built form at the Oct 10 Midtown meeting. Additional Resource Documents, such as growth projections to 2051, distribution of people and jobs by growth area, etc. are available on our website in the Action Update Area on the Home page and in the Progress Tracker on the What's Ahead page.

Stay with us and thank you for caring about the future of Oakville

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