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Of Note:

  • Each of the concepts presented by the consultants in November 2023 would see an estimated 60,000 to 61,000 residents and 18,000 to 19,000 jobs in midtown by 2051. That equals approximately 790-800 people & jobs/hectare or 79,000-80,000 people & jobs per sq. km across all of midtown.

  • The scope of what is now being proposed for Midtown far exceeds what was previously contemplated.

  • 'TALL' was not meant to be forty-plus storeys and now, there are development applications for 58 storeys.

Elements of the Proposed Concept

Below are several elements drawn from the concept as proposed by staff and consultants. They highlight aspects such as building heights, green space, transportation, etc.

The two meetings can be viewed online here as one video


You can also view the presentation slide deck online

Proposed Concept: By Precinct
Draft Height Ranges 
Proposed Concept: Trafalgar Road/Cross Avenue Gateway
Proposed Density by Area (FSI)
Proposed Green Space, Possible Schools
An Alternate View of Density

One presentation from residents was of particular interest, as it provided examples of how density works on a plot of land - using a 1ha example. For those in the audience and viewing at home it was a clear and simple demonstration of how various forms of buildings can use the same piece of land, thereby creating increased density. 

Many of Oakville's residents associations had made the request in past that the public be given concepts that reflected different levels of density using buildings other than tall towers.  This presentation helped to communicate how Midtown development could be approached in a manner that includes staggered building heights. 


A cluster of buildings at different heights.

The same building cluster from street view

View the Presentation Slides
Watch the Segment on Video

January 2024 Presentation

Here is the presentation slide deck from the January 30th meeting. It is long and extensive, but worth your time to review.

You can view it online here.


November 2023 Consultant's Concepts

These concepts have similar population and density (approx 60k people and 19k jobs.) They vary in terms of where different uses would be allowed and the distribution of density. The majority of the buildings would be mixed use: commercial and office on the lower levels and residential above.

Concepts are purely conceptual. We would need to purchase or negotiate to acquire certain pieces of parkland.


Sample Development Applications

A sample of current development applications for Midtown. Additional information on other applications as well as details are available at the website.

349 Davis Road

(east of Trafalgar)

Corbett Land Strategies

Proposed 58 Storey Mixed Use Building

388 residential units


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