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The biggest development project Oakville will ever undertake.


We need to get it right. 

Get Involved. The Time is Now.

Public Information Session

6:30-8:30 p.m., Oakville Town Hall, South Atrium

1225 Trafalgar Road


View the Panels Offered for Discussion

February 27, 2024
Special Meeting of Council
Council Chambers, 6:30 p.m.

Stand by for additional details.
March 2024
Council Meeting to Consider Draft Official Plan Amendment
More information pending.
January 30 & 31 2024 - Meeting, Midtown Oakville
Council Chambers, 6:30 p.m
The presentation slides from Staff and Consultant are available for review.
You can view it online here.

You Can Watch the Full 2-Night Meeting Here

Issues Identified and Submitted January 30/31 Meeting
An extensive list of issues and requests continues to be outstanding.
Read the List Here

Why This Matters

One of the most critical planning decisions we will make for the next generation is the Midtown Official Plan Amendment (OPA).

  • The Midtown OP will provide area-specific policies that shape and define this urban neighbourhood.

  • The language in the OP is particularly important, as it will be what must be considered when evaluating development applications and what the Ontario Land Tribunal consider if or when Council decisions are appealed.

  • In future, Midtown will be home to tens of thousands of people who will live, work and spend their lives in a high-density environment of multi-unit buildings, which are currently proposed to surpass heights never seen before in Oakville.

  • Liveability must be a priority and ensuring that we secure that liveability is something we must all work to achieve.

This is the biggest development project Oakville will ever undertake. We need to get it right. We ALL need to get involved.
To learn more, check out the About Midtown, INFO and Take Action sections in this site.

Contact Councillor Gittings or Haslett-Theall via email at for more information. Or, connect with your local Residents Associations. They are following work on Midtown and plan to delegate at upcoming Council meetings.

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