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The biggest development project Oakville will ever undertake.


We need to get it right. 

Action Update 




Public Meeting 

NOVEMBER 14, 2023



NOVEMBER 24, 2023


The next Midtown Committee of the Whole is Nov 14, Town Hall or Zoom 6:30 pm.


We are advised the Jacobs consulting team has developed draft land use blocks in 2D form to convey the arrangement of land uses, mobility options, servicing, public realm, built form (height, density and transition) and different precinct strategies.

A comparative evaluation of the concepts, best practice imagery, and an assessment of potential structuring of key elements will be presented at the November 14 Committee of the Whole meeting.

Potential elements to be explored as part of the block concepts:

  •  distribution of employment uses,

  • transportation network

  • distribution of open space network

  • clustering of different land uses

  • other unique variables (e.g., transit station, hydro corridor, connections)


All are welcome to attend.




Join Jacobs consulting for a hands-on and informative workshop where you will get to work through and provide feedback on potential concepts for what growth could look like in Midtown Oakville.


The first workshop will be held at Sheridan College on Friday, November 24, 2023 at 1:30 p.m. and two more workshops the following week (details coming soon!).


Register here for the Sheridan workshop or sign-up to our project newsletter for updates on upcoming workshops. 


For more information about Midtown Oakville visit


We truly value your participation!


Share your feedback with us: and with our Committee Chair -



Public Meeting 

OCTOBER 25, 2023

Let’s Talk Midtown

The latest evening of public consultation on Midtown drew approximately 200 interest residents to see, hear and discuss possibilities for Midtown's future.

For those who did not attend, we have included the evening's presentation information slides and the information contained in the Booth-to-Booth area where attendees could stop, read, talk and comment on various aspects of the picture that is developing of Midtown.




For more information about Midtown Oakville visit



Important Estimates


At the October 10 meeting, we shared a comprehensive spreadsheet with Council which was created from the Town and Region's 2021 Area Servicing Plan.

Key measures are Floor Space Index(FSI), Percentage of Developable Land, People Per Unit (PPU), Number of Residential Units, Commercial Space and Heights.

As you will read this report uses a Floor Space Index that, in general, ranges between 4.8 and 7%, 

the percentage of developable land on each property, heights at 20 or less storeys and People Per Unit at 2.03.

These are key factors in land use permissions.  Our request to the consultant is that they provide the Committee with a similar spreadsheet  for each of the draft concepts they will provide at this November's meeting.


This ensures we are all clear on the scale and intensity of the draft.


As well, it is important to remember that 43hectares of Midtown is developable not 103

We have challenged the consultants to use appropriate comparisons. Comparing Midtown's area to that of Bloor from Avenue Road to Yonge is not appropriate.

As well, we are cautioned by an April Vaughn Council report which states that their development is 1.6 times greater than they planned for and their community services, including parkland, are not keeping up


We must continue to pursue what is ‘right’ for Oakville with the land available, with the right services and amenities for a great neighborhood.

Is This the Future?

A devoted local resident who is an architectural technologist has used GIS (the system that creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all types of data) in combination with information on Midtown and the applications currently on hand with the Town of Oakville to create a series of infographics depicting what the proposed OPA could represent. He has created a site with additional information and extends an invitation for all to visit.

Midtown Oakville Infographic.png


Building community is a social and planning process that has long term implications. One of the most critical planning decisions we will make for the next generation is the Midtown Official Plan.  


The Midtown Official Plan (OP) will provide area-specific policies that shape and define this urban neighbourhood. The language in the OP is particularly important as it will be what must be considered when evaluating development applications and what the Ontario Land Tribunal will consider if our decisions are appealed.

Midtown will also be home to tens of thousands of people who will live, work and spend their lives in a high-density environment of multi unit buildings that are proposed to surpass heights never seen in Oakville. Liveability must be a priority and ensuring we secure that liveability is something we must all work to achieve.


You can read the latest draft of the proposed Midtown Official Plan Amendment here.

This is the biggest development project Oakville will ever undertake. We need to get it right. We ALL need to get involved.


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