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The biggest development project Oakville will ever undertake.


We need to get it right. 

Latest Update: May 30, 2024

Plan to Join Us -

Online and In Person at the Special Meeting of Council, June 3 @ 6:30

The meeting presents an opportunity for Council and the public to receive information that is being provided by staff and consultants in answer to the Council Petition provided to them on April 22nd.

While the proposed new concept lacks detail and in some cases does not address or answer points that were included in the petition, it is now our job to ensure the positive step this draft concept represents moves forward to one that will supply more detail, thereby allowing staff and consultants to take steps to address outstanding challenges and concerns.

Together, we should support the positions that direct Staff and Consultants to:

1. Create a more detailed concept which will,

  • present a visual diversity of built form and design

  • articulate height variations across and within precincts

  • bring detail to the immediate GO station area

  • depict human scaled development - both east and west of Trafalgar Road

  • depict connections between neighbourhoods as well as the overall area and connect to green spaces that will serve the population at various levels - immediate access, within 2 minutes, within a short walk.


2. Have the design team apply their creativity and community building skills to set forth a strategy that will,

  • present a new community that is better scaled to the land available

  • show serious commitment to climate change and green development standards

  • move the development and use of a CPPS forward for effective use in Midtown.


Working together, we can advance this important new concept and fulfill the vision for a vibrant and liveable new community presented by staff and consultants throughout the process.

The staff report can be read Here.

  • Appendix "A" Growth Nodes Within the Town's Urban Structure can be viewed Here.

  • Appendix "B" Concept Information can be viewed Here.

  • Appendix "C" Transportation Impact Assessment can be viewed Here.

Council Calls Special Meeting on Midtown.

At its Monday, April 22nd meeting, Council announced its intention to hold a Special Meeting of Council on June 3, 2024 to receive and clarify important details and information necessary to inform a decision on a proposed draft Official Plan Amendment.


Residents in all parts of Oakville expressed to Council the need to rethink the OPA recognizing the size of the land. The ‘ village’ truly came  together including our fellow Council members to move us in a better direction!!


In a comprehensive Petition, we detailed what the agenda for the meeting will comprise and the actions staff will need to undertake to assist us in achieving a responsible, liveable plan.

Highlights include: 

  • A revised concept for Midtown for consideration with a population of 35,000 people and jobs. The revised concept shall be accompanied by a Land Use schedule to include an FSI for each precinct as well as maximum heights in each precinct for all buildings.

  • The provision of a mix of built forms including supporting low rise multi-unit, and mid-rise construction that is sustainable.

  • A demonstrated commitment to Climate action with “shall’ language including but not limited to compliance with Green Development standards, environmental sustainability. 

  • Enabling language for the implementation of a Community Permit Planning System (CPPS).

  • A Transportation/Mobility Report.

  • A Financial report estimating the cost of the hard and soft infrastructure and the estimated contribution each of the stakeholders would need to make. 

Full text of the Petition with additional information and detail can be read here.

This direction to staff is the next step in helping us achieve the information, metrics and analysis we need in order to achieve the creation of a responsible, liveable plan for Midtown and Oakville.

More details and information will be posted soon. In the meantime, please mark your calendars now for June 3 and visit often for updates. Materials for the June 3 meeting are expected to be published by May 23.

Stay Informed. Stay Connected.

June 3 at Oakville Town Council

Why This OPA Matters

The draft Official Plan for Midtown is one of the most critical planning decisions we will make for the next generation. It will define the scale, intensity and liveability, or lack thereof, for a community at the heart of Oakville. 

The OP must have language that places community and connection as a priority. It must require built forms, community services and spaces that respect the importance of the social and environmental needs of those who will call it home.

This is the biggest development project Oakville will ever undertake. We need to get it right. We ALL need to get involved.
To learn more, check out the About Midtown, INFO and Take Action sections in this site.

Contact Councillor Gittings or Haslett-Theall via email at for more information. Or, connect with your local Residents Associations. They are following work on Midtown and plan to delegate at upcoming Council meetings.

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