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The biggest development project Oakville will ever undertake.


We need to get it right. 

The Clock is Ticking. The Time is Now!

Midtown's future and its liveability are under threat.

The Draft Official Plan Amendment from staff and consultants is a sea of 35, 40, 45 & 48-storey towers packed with over 70,000 people in a space of just 1-square kilometre in size. 

Visitors who arrive seeking the quaint charm that has symbolized Oakville for more than a century, will be met with a wall of faceless towers. 

This isn't the Oakville we love. It isn't the Oakville we want to leave for the generations who follow. 

We Must Act Now. We Must Act Together.

On April 22,2024 at Oakville Town Council, We Must Speak Up.


What's At Issue?

After months of meetings, presentations, questions and more, the draft Official Plan Amendment (OPA) does not reflect the consistent and overwhelming feedback we received from the public. 

  • It fails to address the widely expressed concerns over hyper density on 43 hectares of land (1 square km).

  • It has ignored the examples of alternative built form solutions that reflect lower building heights, oriented to human scale, which would allow us to achieve the mandated density while retaining liveability.

  • It allows land use permissions that encourage very tall towers with no benefit of more green space for those who will live there.

  • It proposes greater heights than those presented in public consultations.

  • It fails to require that community parks and community services be in place before occupancy of buildings.

  • It lacks meaningful climate change mitigation tools and sustainability standards that would make a positive impact in our fight against climate change.

  • There is no mobility plan with traffic studies that have been based on population now being projected.

  • There is a continued need for a higher percentage of 2 and 3-bedroom units to support the evolving demographic. Community needs are not addressed.

Important Facts:

  • In Midtown, the Province requires us to plan to achieve a minimum of 200 people and jobs per gross hectare. The draft OPA will result in a Midtown population 4 times the minimum.  That puts us in a category of density with Manhattan and those who have subways. Remember, the Province did not direct us to have 800 people and jobs per hectare, it is the Town of Oakville proposing it.

  • The foundation of the population that underpins the draft OPA is based on 1.7 people per unit, which underestimates the residential population. Therefore, what is the real population these NEW permissions will result in?

  • Developers are not required by law to build a percentage of affordable units into their buildings. This is something municipalities must achieve through the use of planning tools such as Inclusionary Zoning, for example. Those who think affordability will be the result of high density will be disappointed.

  • Midtown can make a positive contribution to our growth and community BUT the proposed population far exceeds what is reasonable or responsible. No review has been undertaken to assess Midtown's true capabilities as an Urban Growth Centre. Outdated assumptions that positioned it as Oakville's most significant growth node were based on building heights and densities of the day. No analysis was undertaken of the 43 developable hectares in relation to the 103 hectare overall size. 

Why This OPA Matters

The draft Official Plan for Midtown is available here on the Town of Oakville websiteIt is one of the most critical planning decisions we will make for the next generation. It will define the scale, intensity and liveability, or lack thereof, for a community at the heart of Oakville. 

The OP must have language that places community and connection as a priority. It must require built forms, community services and spaces that respect the importance of the social and environmental needs of those who will call it home.

This is the biggest development project Oakville will ever undertake. We need to get it right. We ALL need to get involved.
To learn more, check out the About Midtown, INFO and Take Action sections in this site.

Contact Councillor Gittings or Haslett-Theall via email at for more information. Or, connect with your local Residents Associations. They are following work on Midtown and plan to delegate at upcoming Council meetings.

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