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Survey Set to Close. Have Your Say!

The Midtown Community Workshop Survey is set to close on December 15, 2023, but there's still time to add your comments, questions and concerns.

The survey is for those who did not attend the recent Midtown Workshops in person. This is your chance to weigh in on the concepts that have been put forward. And, the key word there is 'concepts'. What's being presented represents POSSIBLE land uses, height, density, locations for parks, retail, education and employment.

You are being asked to voice your likes and dislikes and draw attention to what you think is missing or what you're concerned about. You can look at each concept and focus on the elements - not the overall.

The important thing to remember is that what is intended is to create a new community for all ages and all stages of life - and one that is livable for all.

Finally, keep in mind that the land in Midtown is primarily held in private hands and as such, your feedback will guide the draft Official Plan amendments that will define the land use for the area.

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