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Residents Associations Hear From Consultants

On September 12, representatives of local Residents Associations (RA) gathered with key consultants from Urban Strategies and Town staff to hear more about plans for Midtown.

The consultants from Urban Strategies provided greater detail on how they will support the building of a new Official Plan amendment for Midtown, and RA representatives shared their concerns and desired outcomes.

Slides from the presentation, which contain additional detail and greater clarity on the four Phases planned for developing a draft OPA and the next steps in the process are now posted to our Progress Tracker and the Action Update areas of the website.

The Commissioner of Community Development, Neil Garbe, has confirmed that the latest materials for discussion at the Oct 10 Committee of the Whole will be posted on Oct 4. Some content will be shared by Sept 28th.

Midtown is more than just an urban growth centre; it is a new neighbourhood that must integrate with the existing fabric reflecting what makes Oakville unique. The involvement of the public is essential to this process.

Stay with us, stay informed and bring your ideas and solutions with you.

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