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Growth Forecasts at Council August 15

We interrupt your summer adventures to update you on an important meeting at Town Hall this coming Tuesday August 15th. Planning staff will be reporting to Council on what are called joint best planning estimates for the Town as a whole and each of the growth nodes. "Best planning estimates consist of growth forecasts across a geographic area and extended over a period of time. They are a planning tool used to identify where and when development is expected to take place and to assist municipalities in planning complete communities including the range and mix of housing supply as well as the type of jobs across the region." This is important information for the Midtown Committee as we consider the Official Plan amendment that will define/shape a vibrant livable new neighbourhood for Oakville and our other growth nodes.

Note this report does NOT address the impact of FSI (Floor space index) in determining potential Midtown population. That analysis may occur on Aug 24 at the Midtown meeting or at the Sept 12 meeting. Please mark your calendars for these dates as well.

We share with you the link to the posted Town report and supporting data and welcome your participation at the upcoming meeting. As this is a Council meeting, delegations need to register with the Town Clerk by Tuesday at noon.

We continue to appreciate the level of engagement from the community and the quality of constructive discussion you bring to the process.

See you at 6:30 pm Tuesday evening at Town Hall.

Janet and Dave

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