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RECAP- 1st Midtown Committee Mtg

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Following introductions, the Consultants shared a presentation featuring a selection of images from other municipalities that were intended to speak to different elements that make up a complete community. Also identified were the challenges involved in attaining a community that would reflect these elements. If you haven’t viewed the meeting on our “What’s Ahead” page, please do.

Councillors conveyed a variety of comments. Some of these included:

  • we need to be assured what we approve will result in a great livable community and learn from the mistakes in the planning of North Oakville,

  • we need to know the  projected population of each growth node not just Midtown,

  • we need to see alternatives based on learning from established urban communities and those residents,

  • we need to understand the infrastructure costs and financial impact of the different complete community options for Midtown,

  • how we can achieve greater climate change mitigation,   

  • details on transition and phasing

  • we want to build a Master Plan so we can align our OPA with a vision that is both dynamic and achievable.

 The good news is we have a team of consultants that have expertise. We need them to get up to speed quickly on the contextual challenges of Midtown, get clarity  amongst Council and the Public on the population forecast and then bring forward viable alternatives in terms of land use density, public realm, parks,  climate change and sustainability, and transportation.

While they have acknowledged the importance of public engagement, we have requested they move more quickly to involve the public.


Councillor Duddeck has been chosen as Chair of the Committee. She has a history of thoughtful leadership and a balanced Town-wide view which will be beneficial to our deliberations.


What’s next?

We are advised that population forecasting will be part of August 24th meeting.

We will be working to get clarity on the agendas for each meeting and the materials posted for your information and use well in advance of each meeting.


We need your involvement and input.

Give us your feedback on the Midtown Committee meetings. Did the meeting format work? Did content and public engagement opportunities meet your expectations? How can we improve? Did we cover your questions, concerns or ideas?

We truly value your participation! Share your feedback with us: and with our Committee Chair -

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